Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Allen Vocademy, LLC located?

Allen Vocademy is an e-learning program that offers literacy programs, test prep, and tutoring services for adults. No physical location accepts learners for online courses.

Do you offer bilingual services for non-native speakers?

While we do not offer bilingual tutoring at this time, Professor Allen holds a public school teacher certification specializing in English as a Second Language and post-graduate coursework teaching ESL. She taught ESOL Writing, Grammar, and Communication at the Dallas County Community Colleges and the New York Public Library. Moreover, this website can be translated into multiple languages using Google Translate.

What are adult literacy skills?

Adult literacy skills encompass reading, writing, listening, and speaking knowledge necessary to live, work, and prosper in a community. Literacy levels should be determined early to match learners with the right instructional resources and activities for their age, grade level, and overall abilities. The most common leveling measurements for K–12 are Guided Reading, Lexile Scores, and the Developmental Reading Assessment. Adult educators use the latter to measure basic and advanced literacy skills.

Do you offer payment plans?

The exam preparation and comprehension e-courses can be paid out in 2 – 4 recurring payments when purchased using a credit card.

What modes of instruction are courses delivered in for different types of thinkers?

LIVE: This allows learners to meet with the instructor via Zoom, Google Meet, or Facebook during a specific time of day.
ONLINE: This allows learners to complete courses at their own pace, anytime or anywhere, with minimal assistance from the instructor.
HYBRID: This allows learners to complete courses at their own pace with a one-hour virtual session with the instructor weekly

What payment options are available?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Bank Debit Cards, Paypal Debit Cards, and CashApp Debit Cards (QR codes and payment links are not available at this time).

Do you offer free courses?

Register for the SAMPLE COURSE which teaches a “Context Clues” mini-lesson. You will experience the same features and workflow as a registered student. This course is designed with the credit card checkout process (use the coupon code FreeSample22). A certificate of completion is awarded afterward.

Can I get individual help preparing for a job promotion?

The private tutoring sessions can facilitate career preparation and technical writing (i.e. resume) lessons. Simply include your paperwork in the initial learner consultation and needs assessment.

What tools do you offer to assist people who have disabilities?

We are committed to ensuring digital accessibility and an equitable education for all learners. Additionally, we are continually improving the user interface and experience. Please review our accessibility statement to see how we achieve this goal.

What experience do you have with online teaching and learning?

Besides earning a Distance Learning Certificate more than a decade ago, Professor Allen has taught online courses and currently develops e-courses for faculty and staff in higher education. This consists of academic courses, training programs, and compliance initiatives.